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Training Video #1: Forex Diversity System

We are holding a webinar to share with you all the secrets, tips and tricks on how to become an independent& profitable trader. In the webinar I am about to share with you:

1. The three must-have components of successful trading! If you want to become a successful trader and make money on-demand, these are the secrets that you must know! To tell you the truth, no systems in the market share with you these secrets! Normally, to learn them, you gotta pay thousands of dollar for private forex seminars. But you can learn all these secrets in my free webinar.

2. The ultimate money management techniques that would make you rich! In trading, money management is the most important factor that many traders ignore. I’ll share with you the best money management secrets that help you to stand out and succeed. You already know that 90% of traders fail miserably, so you are about to learn what help you to join the elite traders and make real money in my free webinar.

3. How to trade without any guess work… How to boost your trading confidence… How to remove stress when trading…. These are questions that traders are dying to get the answers… You will get your answers in my webinar.

4. Can part-time traders really make money from trading as what tons of systems in the market claim nowadays? I’ll share with you the horrifying truths and show you how to make money even when you have no time to trade.

5. A ‘done-for-you’ solution that you’ll love. Plus you’ll get my Forex Diversity Signal software for free. Yes, all that you need to do to get it is to Sign up for my free webinar now!

Please go to to register your seat.

Please post a comment below sharing how you feel about our training. We’ll select the best 2 comments to award 2 free copies of Forex Pips Finder Software (which is worth over 997$) and 2 free Ipads (worth over 499$).

Simply post your comment below NOW!

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  1. Mark

    Thanks Shawn for the awesome training.

    I’m trying your system on my favorite pair GBPUSD. I’ll let you know my results.

    Best wishes to you,

  2. Craig

    Nice stuff! Can’t wait for the next training video!

  3. Dylan Ng

    What I love about your free system is that it can work in any market condition. Absolutely brilliant! This system is, just as you said, more valuable than tons of crappy robots and rehashed systems I bought.

  4. Cynthia

    Please post more…

    When is the next training? Is there anyway to automate this system?

  5. Dominique

    hi Shawn, one question:

    what to do when the Trend Channel indicator lies horizontally?

  6. Kunish V

    i liked your input and planning

    can’t wait for your next video

  7. Lee Dan

    I like your presentation. It’s very good and clear.

    The system is promising, and very logical. Thanks for explaining everything in such a detailed manner! All I have to do now is to give it a go!

  8. Scott

    I strongly believe that you are a professional trader. And thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, your beliefs and of course your system.

    Your training helped me to realize a few things that I missed out in my trading. It’s time for me to stop lurking around, and start taking trading a bit more seriously!

    Thanks for giving me back my confidence in training! I can’t wait for what you got to offer…

  9. Bill G

    Insane system! I can’t believe you are giving it for free…

    Btw, Shawn, how to trade if not all the indicators align on the same candle? Please advise.


  10. Lyndia Cole

    This looks very promising. I’ll start trade it on my live account soon. Thank for the good job

  11. madzpur

    Hi Shawn
    I am very much intrigued by such a simple and interesting trading system which is very easy to follow. I will definitely put it into action and will eagerly wait for the next video training. Thank you very much, Shawn you are very nice to share the secret free to all traders. For your kind jasture,may God bless you and have a more prosperous trading.

  12. John

    Thanks Shaun for sharing your knowledge. How well does the system work on the lower time frames? It seems like a nice system to use but I like to trade the lower time frames.

    Regards, John

  13. ken

    it is very nice i like.

  14. Seriously, i have been trading FOREX without success in the past three years and i simply decided that FOREX trading is not meant for people like me but after watching your video i have been encouraged to start all over again on a positive note.

    Your explanation were so simplified and straight to the point without beating round the bush. It’s an amazing video with load full of stuff that can really set an ambitious mind on the path to financial freedom.

    Thank you Shawn.

  15. Jack L

    Hi Shawn,

    I see so must potential with this Template and Signals :).. I can even use it for Binary Trading to!.. the charts is so easy
    to see all the trades getting ready as soon the trends going UP or DOWN.. and the “Small Scissor”.. is perfect to get out of a trade to.

    Looking forward to use it fulltime soon!.. it`s a gift from above in the forex trading for newbies arena!.. Thank you


  16. Jack L

    I forgot something important. ?.. Please make this an EA for automation!.. Even the Support&Ressitants indicator alone in the template is powerfull enough to make it automated on a daily trading periode :)..

    Enough from me.. Study time :)

    Jack L

  17. Wayne

    Well done Shawn. Not only is this a very easy system to use but it also teaches the new trader the main basics of trading – if they take time to understand the system. I personally love using channels to trade as it shows entry and exists – trends – and support and resistance levels so clearly. With good money management practises and taking the time to fully understand this system the new traders have a good start in currency trading. Thanks for helping us all and I’m looking forward to receiving future emails from you.


  18. Andrzej

    Hallo,Shawn. Vielen Dank für die Template und die Indikatoren! Es scheint sehr nutzbar zu sein. Ich mag es
    Danke. Andrzej

  19. Robert

    Very well done Shawn. Thanks for sharing your system. Looking forward to you future training.

  20. Llo

    I find your system is unique using the higher time frame and divergence to trade. Must try it out.

    Thanks for your time to produce a video to explain your system.

  21. Evgtny

    Молодцы ребята.Очень полезный и доступный материал.Успехов вам.

  22. Chin

    Cool stuff, thanks for sharing. Looking forward for your next video.

  23. Laszlo

    Hi Shawn!

    Really good and usefull video. Thank You.
    Many site try to sell strategies but no one explains the environment of strategy (only: buy, download, install and use) and we just cry if it does not work. A good strategy must be easy to understand and use. And yours it is!
    I prefer trading without indicators but this one seems quite good.
    I just can wait the next one


  24. james toal

    very inpressive, especially love the use of the trend channel indicator

  25. idi

    wow!!! good video training and presentation
    thanks bro

  26. John Sampson

    Clearest exposition of fundamental factors in forex trading that I’ve seen in the last frustrating 10 months of trading. Sifting the gold from the dross is what successful trading is all about.

  27. Charles

    Great video with clear instruction. I have spent a lot of money in many systems but thus far, none of them works as claimed by seller. It is good to see someone wants to share the knowledge and techniques free. I am going to give you your system a try and I hope that it provides some level of success.

    Thanks a million

  28. Jelle

    Hello Shawn,

    Your presentation and explanation of the trainings video are excellent. Simple and clear, so even I can follow the instructions.
    No high speed talkers, no nonsens, straigt to the point. Excactly what I’m looking for. I’m waiting wth excitement to receive the next video
    Compare this to other mentors, WICH ONE ???


  29. Tim

    This is excellent. Nothing can top Forex for market liquidity. This is a great source of income.

  30. here to learn to ForEX!!!!

  31. Herty Elstein

    Very clearly explained. With some more practice that will be a sure money maker. I am looking forward to the next video, although it was quite clear now, just to polish my learning curve.

    Best Thanks


  32. John L

    Hi Shaun,
    Thanks for being so generous with sharing your system. In the past I have been guilty of jumping from system to system. I like the logic behind this one and will give this a trial on demo and stick with it to give it a good trial with strict money management. When I get consistant results then go live with it, starting small.
    I think that there is a Holy Grail in trading and that is Money management a discipline.

  33. George

    Thanks Shawn,
    great presentation, you were crystal clear in describing the strategy and making it completely
    functional and logical

  34. Anthony

    Thanks Shawn.

    Great Video, very loud, clear and precise. It was an eye opener especially detecting support/resistance levels to enable me take the next decision. Nice to add to my trading tool. Anxiously waiting for video #2. I got my link thru Bryan Wolf. He is an amazing guy.

    Tony from Nigeria.

  35. Muhammed

    This is an amazing system shown in the video. Very simple and direct to follow. I am very impressed about what I saw and will demo it. I will further input my comment after the result. Right now it shows as a system better than what I have seen out there.

    Thanks for helping.

  36. David

    Great system, makes good sense. Looking forward to your next video!

  37. Shawn,

    You’ve done an absolutely marvellous job of taking a complicated concept and making it all so simple. I’m betting that anyone with half a brain could do this. I look fo0rward to the next installment.

    Thank you so much, and God bless you.

    Peter H.

  38. William Brown

    Thanks Shawn, There is a certain simplicity about what you have shown here that can’t be underestimated. I like the clean chart with the ability to see the higher time frame activity as well as the time frame you trade on. It seems like it will only take a short time to gain confidence in using this method. I’m tired of the over conjested charts that are only confusing in the end. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing more trade examples. William

  39. Samson

    Hello fellow traders,

    I’m a newbie, I’ve installed the trend indicator with the defualt settings on the one hour chart, and I wish to trade the thirty minute chart. Question do I have to also attach the trendicator to the thirty minute chart also. I’m still a bit confused about that bit. Any helpful sugestions would be appreciated.

  40. Phil L.

    Thanks Shawn for this no nonsense ,logical system. Without a doubt, Excellent Money Management and a good system can give the trader the edge they need to succeed in Forex. The edge one needs is to stay on the same side of the trade as the Biggest Banks that trade. These are the Market Maker Big Dogs that move the market to the tune of 3 Trillion $ a day. I believe your system can give us that edge to ride the Big Dog’s Coat Tails. Great Stuff !! Have a major league FX day!…..Phil L.

  41. Bill

    I am always interested in reading and hearing about new indicators and systems. What I have found out is that sorry to say as much as the opening statements and videos are incredible the systems just do not work where a profit can be generated day after day week after week month after month. Which leads me to wonder will it be your system that will change all of that? Won’t know until I give it a try. As much as my doubts are against it due to the amount of failure in the past, I still try and keep an open mind as to what maybe different about your system then others as I have done so in the past. Well the way I look at it somewhere some how some one’s system has to work where a constant profit can be made. Will it be yours??

  42. Thanks Shawn…

    Your system demonstrates that it is precise, not difficult, and extremely powerful..
    This is a Winner !!! Appreciate receiving your follow-up training and additional


  43. I trade Break out an divergence mainly, This put it all together very well. Great indicators!

  44. Rydzxale

    Hi Shawn…thanks for sharing this stuff…it really awesome and I can’t wait to view your next video…

  45. adhar

    This is a good presentation with best stuff and materials for trading forex.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable info for free.Please I’m waiting for the next trading video.

  46. John Kelly

    Shawn, definitely the best 20 minutes i’ve spent watching a training video this year. Majical. I can’t wait to start trading your Diversity System, It certainly appears to be almost everything i’m looking for in a system and free too. Many thanks indeed.

  47. wayne

    Looks like a very good system with clear trading instructions. Can’t wait to test it out….


  48. paul carter

    I can not wait to try it out THANKS Shawn.

  49. abhay

    sir , whatever you put in our website , this is excellent , spe. your indicator , in my country , no one give this indicator below $ 250 . your video is vary good it’s very simply to understand . sir i really thanks to you to share such kind of knowledge through your websites .

  50. mary

    wow….lots of info that is spot on….nice to see someone share such experience and knowledge for free…thank you and look forward to
    the next lesson…God Bless…Mary

  51. Ian

    At last someone who wants to help the little guy awesome

  52. Graeme

    Hi Shawn, great work and very comprehensive however I am a bit confused about your indicator timing set up you say for a one (1) hour chart that you set the timing for 60 and in the four (4) hour chart you set the timing to 240 however I have found that to read the data from an indicator that is set on the 1 hour chart the parameters have to be set at 3600 (60 seconds X 60 minutes) and likewise for a 4 hour chart it is 14400 (60X60X4). The only answer I can see at this time is that your indicators are pripority, if so then this would explain the difference and then there is of course the other alternative is that I have been reading indicators the wrong way for years now. I would appreciate clarification if possible please.

    • Shawn

      Hi Graeme, you should set the timing to 60 if you use one hour chart, and 240 to 4 hour chart. Thansk

  53. thanks,i will try n learn about your indicator.tq

  54. Karl Hawson

    Awesome – and free!! Thank you


  56. Doug

    Well presented, sounds great, not over complicated will definately give it a go.

  57. Hisham

    i hope it will be good

  58. andrew

    Very professional and very informative. Gives me confidence to examine your other offerings.

  59. years after years i learn all kind of indicator with my test on real acc but nothing seem like this,because this indicator telling us when to enter n when to exit when trade in the market,we can see overall of trend of the market of the day.some people still struggling to understand what kind of the trend of the day,they still looking what timeframe to enter and exit from the market.they invest some money from buying of the indicator on the internet,but actually don’t work at all.some of the indicator give a late signal,from this diversity indicator i learn war between buyer and seller,thank you very much shawn williams about your indicator it seem make me inspired about the overall the market of the day.

  60. Ian

    Great stuff Shawn ! As someone who has traded for sometime and makes a living from trading I find this information very useful and something that can surely be adpated to one’s trading arsenal. It’s simple and concise no fluff and no technical jargon to contend with. It’s easy to spot a true veteran trader and someone who knows his stuff ……the divergence was explained in simple terms and just this one fact is a true benefit to anyone ever wanting to know how to resolve the mystery in time frames. I am looking forward to your what you have to reveal next . My thanks for sharing this information to the select few who are fortunate enough to have tuned in.
    Thank You

  61. Steve

    Hey Shawn. What a clear system you’ve introduced to us all. I am currently tweaking my own system which uses AO as well but I certainly appreciate the Trend Channel added to get a clearer picture of the higher time frame. So simple and appears to be pretty powerful. I am at present setting up some charts and we’ll see how we go. Looking forward to more info that you can pass on to us. All the best and thanks.

  62. Aheem

    Thanks for the video.

    It looks very interesting and very sample. As a beginner, I will test your strategy.

    Best regards.

  63. Hendrik

    Nice presentation, will give it a try…

  64. Dil

    Thanks for the fabulous System. But I have question. In the sample charts I notice that on the left hand top corner we see D1 H4 H1 Etc. I assume it is showing the trend of the different timeframes. However, that does not show on my charts when I load the template.

    Could you advise what could be wrong?

    Excellent system.

    Thanks again


    • Shawn

      hi Dil, it’s the MultiTimeframe trend explorer and i’ll give it in the next video

  65. Audrey

    Found your explanation very clear even though very full of information. Cant wait to try it out, and I’m looking forward to your next training video.

  66. vivek v. kerkar

    No other word for this than “MIND BLOWING”

  67. Michael

    Thank you Shawn , clear explanation .You sound like a real trainer / teacher .

  68. Daniel

    One of the clearest chart setups I have ever had. Cannot wait for the next video!

  69. Nelson

    Thanks Shawn,

    Personally, I don’t really like a lot of indicators, I prefer courses or methods which explain the exact way to trade the market and make pips.
    After 5 years and trying many systems the Forex Diversity System looks like a winner.

    I really like this system : All you have to do is wait for the indicators to become white (buy) or red (sell) !
    With patience and a few more trades this looks like a good fx trading system for me.

    Thanks again,

  70. I like what i hear, you are telling me things that i paid thousands of dollar to learn for free. thanks I will try your system and get back to you.

  71. John

    Thanks for the training I’ll give it a try shortly looks good and makes a lot of sense

    Look forward to your next video

  72. Ray

    I can tell by watching the video that this system is the real deal and if the Forex Pips Finder software is a more advanced method than Forex Diversity then who can go wrong.

  73. bokie

    Well done Shawn! I think we are on business now.

  74. stan

    I have listen to all the experts and what they have to sell,But.I have never found the system that will really work !

    Lets put your program to work and put out of business all those people that are to make everyone broke.

  75. francis

    Well, I’m a Singaporean who’s been trading forex for a couple of years. Have not find any profitable system yet.
    Guess now i’ve found one here. :)

  76. smartmove

    very interesting can’t wait to the next video

  77. Asad

    very help ful for a new trader like me

  78. Carlos Rosa

    I’m starting to learn to work in the FOREX trading platform, and these teachings are of great importance,
    I am very grateful to him because they are key to my success.
    It’s great their willingness to provide this teaching so important!
    Carlos Rosa

  79. jugnu

    hi,, thanku,ur training is fantastic like you are selling gold freely,when is ur second video coming,eagrly waiting for that to learn real forex, thank u very much,.. jugnu,

  80. Abd. Halim

    Thanks Shawn for this amazing system . As a trader I personally respect for your effort in sharing with others. I think this is the best system that I came accros so far which is very priceless and very useful. May God blessed you.

  81. carmen

    me parece interesante a la hora de visualizar .

  82. Muyen

    Thank you for sharing this interesting strategy from the video it makes trading look stress free I will make more comment after application of the strategy with the indicators.
    Thanks again.

  83. Albert

    Great products. Looking foward to your advanced trading strategies.Keep up the good work.

  84. Janet Smith

    Finally, a Forex “system” which actually works. Great work Guys. I now look forward to actually building my bank with each trade instead of it going backwards.

  85. Rahim

    Awesome. Knowledge is power. Thanx for sharing this information. Rahim

  86. Dean

    Finally, a true multi-time frame approach! Much appreciated and am eager to see how I can put this to use. Thank you.

  87. Dorian

    Thanks for the video. It makes sense and seems quite effective. I will be trying it on my live account but only with microlots. I like what I have seen so far.

  88. Samson

    At last after watching the vedio over and over again, I finally drew up the courage to place a trade, and for the first time I’m feeling really confident with a system. Thanks Shan your the Man.

  89. Awesome…Thank you for making my trade profitable.

  90. Donna

    I am drawn to the logic and relative simplicity of this approach. I am eager to try it out and am looking forward to the next training!


  91. abdul rashid jamaluddin

    Thanks Shawn……

    I’m trying your system on my favorite pair GBPUSD. I’ll let you know my results.

    Can this system can use any pair

  92. Ben

    Excellent way to learn how to trade FX: Learn and Earn all at the same time.
    I have been trying this system on the USD/GBP and also USD/YEN and I am saving my trades screen shot and which I will share with you if you are interested.

    I thank you very much for sharing with us this interesting trading system.
    Highest Regards,

  93. John Salzano

    A couple of fast observations:

    1. This will work on all timeframes. I downloaded this and I am using the 5 min chart with the one hour timeframe. I am using the EUR/USD cross because of the low spread and I am scalping the pair–meaning I am getting out no more than 5 to 10 pips profit. 5 pips if divergence and 10 if following the trend. Its working nicely.

    1a. The higher timeframes are good if you are not in front of your computer. For example, if I am off to the store, or working, then the one hour timeframe would be best. Personally I like the thrill of the hunt, so I am a scalper. (ha!)

    2. Check with the news–this can not be understated! Not a bad idea to lay low until the news passes–this seems to work best under “normal” conditions.

    Thank you for sharing this technique. To all reading this–take action! Paper trade and use small lots to build confidence. It works, thats the bottom line.

  94. Nick

    Great Great Info!.. Please releash the next video soon!. Thank you.. Nick

  95. KRIS

    I am already trading another system with a reasonable success..
    Very clearly demonstrated.
    All indicators in themselves could be worth their weight in gold!!
    I am waiting anxiously for your next video
    Thanks once again

  96. Michael

    Thank you for your wonderful and most exciting presentation. I am going to try your software and system right away.
    I am looking forward to your next video.

    Best regards

  97. David

    Hi Shawn

    Thanks very much for your great traing video and sincerity in showing this to us and sharing your IP so generously. I am looking forward to the next training video



  98. Yosephine Nyoto

    Hi Shawn,
    Thank you for your system, and cool training videos… Looking forward to the next training from you. God bless you.

  99. Cláudio Lagarto

    Thank you for sharing your system, in my experience I can say that is quite comlete, congratulations sir ;)

  100. Ruz

    Thanks Shawn for all the free stuff.

    After trying hundreds of indicators and trading system, yours seems to be simple yet highly profitable. I’m trying it in my demo account and I can foresee lots of pips even in one day trading.

    Thanks a million pips!!!


  101. Milan

    This is really cool. I am somewhat of an experienced trader and I can tell that it provides great backup to my current trading system. I would like to recommend this to everyone out there whether beginner or expert in forex trading.

  102. Charles Ng

    Thank you so very much Shawn for sharing this awsome system.
    I finally understand “how to trade with the trend.” I have been struggling for almost 3 years now to become consistently profitable. Always troubled by not knowing what trend to trade as you mentioned in the video that all time frames have different trends. You make it very clear and easy to understand and the use of divergence to take advantage of the conflicting trend is just brilliant. This is God send and an answer to my prayers. The information you provided will no doubt in my mind that they will make me a successful trader.

    Thanks a Million Shawn!


  103. kannan

    Hello guys
    one of the best videos of forex trading insides.thanks for sharing

  104. dev

    Thanks shawn for this gift because this is the true price action ,trends ,support and resistance is the key ,most obliged to u

  105. Donna

    Wow, What a nice video. I think I’m going to love this way of trading!! The way you’ve explained it, it just seems so easy.You didn’t leave anything out and explained each and everything in such nice order and you have a way with words to make this one of the easiest training video’s to understand. I feel like I could download the indicators and template and get it right the first time!! I thought for sure you would leave something out, but each time I thought (I bet he isn’t gonna show how to do this)…..there it came!!! It felt like you were reading my mind. Your speed was right on. You didn’t move to fast (to leave us wondering), or to slow (to bore us to death). Right On!! I can’t wait to here from you again!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and effort and your unselfish desire to help those of us who just….. haven’t gotten it yet. Cha Ching is what I’m thinking. Thanks again.

  106. Mohd Hasim Abdul Manaf

    Ok.By the the way,thanks for giving me guidance to know how and whenever the right trend and correct and whether there when the uptrend or downtrend. I am very confident and willing to thank to you on this knowledge by providing its for free to me.ThankYou.

  107. Shawn’s explanations are so easy to follow and understand. I particularly like his use of a case examples to reinforce the points he makes.
    Great job Shawn, I’m eagerly waiting for the next training video.

  108. Linky

    Great for me who is just starting out

    Looking forward to the next training session


  109. odukoya opeyemi

    Good,easy and understandable forex training programme.
    Access to be a successful human being,grab it.

  110. Jeff

    Thanks Shawn,

    Good indicators and exceptional presentation and training! Am looking forward to next training system and webinar!

  111. nitroc

    impressive system.

  112. Oscar

    I couldn´t take my eyes off the screen once the video started. I cannot wait to see the next one.
    Thank you.

  113. tony

    THANKYOU every thing ties together /looks great…

  114. adolf schneider

    It is a very simple system easy to under stand even for me. I like to thank you for giving it away for free.

  115. John

    Thank you Shawn in explaining a better way to Trade. You have pointed out in your Video just one of my mistakes, why I have lost Trades only to see that I should have stayed in the Trade that extra few Candles to make a Profitable Trade.

    With Kind Regards,

    • Shawn

      Glad to help:)

  116. Mario

    I”m a beginner… Thank You for your time… I’ve understood every thing. I think you are wonderful trainer. And, I’m sorry about my English, but I need your videos and to learn Forex… Thank You again… My name is Mario.

  117. Geoffrey Lowes

    To be able to trade with the confidence this method allows, will mean a lot less stress for me and in a flow on effect, my wife will be able to relax when she comes home from a hard day at the office, instead of having to put up with my ranting about how “unfair” the market has treated me.Thankyou so much for the chance to improve mine and my families life.

  118. Sam

    Tanks for indicators.

    man you speak fast and explain deep, you are a great teacher thanks for sharing !!!

  119. Larry Culotta

    Hi there, you do have a gift of explaining and simplifing a complex and sometimes daunting challenge…very nice
    Thank you ,
    Larry on Orlando Florida

  120. Hello Shawn…

    Thanks a lot for this video, i have really learnt a lot from this video.Its absolutely easy to understand and to use, i will let you know the outcome when i deploy this new strategy on my trade platform MT4.

  121. charley huddleston

    interesting, same but done better

  122. Lennard

    Thank you for not being an insane greedy person……I lost everything last year in a scam been studying 4 x about 4 months …master a reliable system tight money management…regards Len

  123. NG WEN TING


  124. Thanks a lot for sharing your system.All the gurus are asking for $99 for some rehashed rubbish.It is good to know that there IS somebody who cares for the little guy.

  125. Cynthia Jones

    After purchasing system after system, all which promised I would ever get to the holy grail, I finally came to the conclusion that I was not meant to trade in forex. Statistics say that only 5 % succeed, and I definitely knew that I was not one of the 5 %. Me being not one to throw in the towel, I happened to be watching your video on the Forex Diversity System. Downloaded the indicators as was told, and read the manuscript , and began to trade on my demo account. Had to do that, as I wiped out my live account. Low and behold, four orders and each were winners. Now I began to question myself, saying that this was just pure luck. Tried five more trades, and they all were profitable.
    Re watched the video, and reread the manuscript, and now I believe I am closer to being in the 5% group. Thank you , now I have something that will give me the closest I will be to the holy grail, and the belief that there is a life for me in Forex.

  126. Ibrahim H.

    It was a simple and easy to understand presentation with good samples of trendlines shown.
    I have yet to hear from you the next presentation and hope to gain more insight of it.

    Best wishes to you Shawn

  127. Kwaghe

    Well, there is not much for me to say other than to re-affirm the wonderfulness of your system from the way I have watched.

    Every trader who comes across your system must realise how he/she has missed out all the while no matter the level reached in trading.

    We just hope the forex software hypers would not spoil your good gesture. But I would not like to place my next trades with out taking

    permission from your your system. Thank you very much and may the Almlghty Creator Bless You.

  128. Wayne Benjamin

    Sounds very interesting. I am skeptical, but your software sounds promising

  129. Tony

    Excellent video wirh good practical advice

  130. Guus van Goethem

    Thanks for this. It all went a bit quick, so I will have to listen again. But if this makes money, I will be very, very greatful. Cheers, Guus

  131. CA"Butch" Hillman

    Thank you, Sir your free preview of the Forex Diversity Signal software. I have a week in which to give it an enthusiastic try. Thx again.


  132. Arild

    Thanks Shawn!
    Looks like a nice system!
    I’ll be looking forward to the next time! :)


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    I watch for 5 things to show up before i pull the trigger,
    1.your support indicator must show to go long
    2.the price must close above the support indicator to long the trade
    3.both the Awesome and RSI Filter indicator must show the same Colour at the same time the candle close above the support level
    4.Both T&C and 10-10 indicator must simultaneously show where the price close above the support indicator
    5.the price must have touch or cut across the lower bollinger band
    6.Finally,all the steps 1,2,3,4,5,6 must line up within the logical point of Retracement
    once i see all the above stated indicators singing the same song,am 1000% dead sure the the trade will cough out nothing less than 100 pips.But one thing i need to find out is whether it is possible to trade the system during the news hours.let say high impact news was coming up around 16:30 GMT and the system generate signal around 16:00GMT.Can we still go ahead to trade the pairs?

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    I am going to SIM trade your strategies that you talk about in the videos and watch what happens and see how much more money I can make using your system. The Forex Diversity System is something I am interested in, because now, I am scalping and only trading pretty much only the high impact news announcements. Doing very well with this, but if there is something doing at the times of these announcements, then I am out for that day.

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    The Forex Diversity System fits my philosophy of Plan the Trade & Trade the Plan
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    In addition to simplicity, the beauty of this system is that one can get more opportunities to open trades as it is equally effective for all pairs with crystal clear indication of entry, stop loss and take profit.
    Training videos are very focused on real teaching in a very short time. While in most of the videos by some other experts they take a lot of time showing their profits and balance of their accounts but talk little bit on the method they used and never teach on all aspects of a good method.
    By providing it free you have contributed great in learning of new traders and had demonstrated that Forex trading is not something which need to have a degree, it is all about to apply a proven method.

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